Jayvantrai Harrai Desai polytechnic

Mechanical Department Lab

Thermal Engineering Lab

Thermal engineering lab is equipped with various test rigs, models and charts. In this laboratory, the students learn and gain practical knowledge about performance of IC engine, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Compressor, models of various boilers and IC engine.

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Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine lab

In this lab students learn and gain practical knowledge about various types of pumps and turbine along with the principle of hydraulic machines.

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Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab

The precision, inspection and accuracy are essential in industry to manufacture a quality product hence students are gaining the knowledge of various measuring and inspection tools in this laboratory.

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Machine Tool Lab

Machine tools are basically most important for the production purpose in industry. The knowledge of working principle and various operations carried out on these machines are essential for mechanical engineer. Hence, in this laboratory students experience the hands on practice on different machines.

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Engineering Workshop

Students of first year diploma engineering are demonstrated and explained the various tools in the workshop and hands on practice to prepare the job are given in various shops like carpentry, fitting and tin smithy.

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CAD lab

In this lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of Mechanical engineering drawings using the latest version of Autocad software. Student will learn 3D solid modelling. Students will also gain the knowledge of design and drafting needed for Mechanical engineering discipline.

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